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Premium Reclaim are specialists exclusively dealing in mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance claims (PPI).

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no obligation, expert service that helps many of our clients claim compensation for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI).

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Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) has various different names depending on where it is bought from however in a nut-shell; it is insurance taken out to protect the monthly payments on your Loan, Mortgage, or Credit Card in the case that you cannot pay for reasons like unemployment.

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You may ask how do I know if have it or have been sold it? Good question!

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Our experience shows that if you have taken a loan or credit card in the last 6 years you may well have been sold it without even knowing it.

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The majority of claims run into several thousand pounds, so itís worth giving us a call even if you unsure if you have PPI. Our professional and friendly staff members will help you get to the bottom of it quickly and simply and they are always be happy to help or take our 1 minute test to find out!

We work on a no win-no fee basis, if your claim is not successful, you don't pay a penny to us.


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